October 7, 2022

Bible Unveiled

To protect even its dust and broken fragments, museums much more stupendous than Solomon’s temple have been reared all over the world. Was not Athens—as a city, as a spot of habitation, as a faculty for the mind, as a spectacle for the attention, as the house of liberty—better than Jerusalem? And just isn’t the guide or books which inform the story of the fantastic Greeks—how they lived, and thought, and sang, and wrought their masterpieces—better than the book which tells the story of the desert? Both Judaism and Christianity will disappear, but Greece, that is to say, science, that is to say, art, that is to say, civilization, will proceed to produce masterpieces, and yet remain as prolific as time. Regarding the question from the standpoint of ethical internationalism, it’s not the Jew, but Judaism, that’s at fault. As a citizen pursuing his day by day avocation, sharing within the duties and duties of the widespread life, the Jew is the equal of his English neighbor, and ought to be so regarded.

Literature is life; and it will be as unimaginable to find a people with a literature wholly bad, as it might be to discover a folks with an infallible literature. Together with the Vedas of India, the Avesta of the Pharisees, the Five Kings of the Chinese, the Buddhist Tri Pitikes, and the Moslem Koran, the Jewish-Christian scriptures comprise many splendid passages. And whereas not even David, another bible saint, ever considered The Bible unveiled separating himself from the lady he had stolen by inflicting her husband to be shot, these “heathen” princes returned to Abraham and Isaac their wives. I am conscious, of course, of the argument that Israel’s superiority lay in its clearer ethical visions. But why should a people morally superior to their neighbors be so mediocre in everything else? Is moral excellence prejudicial to nationwide development?

Judaism believed the world outdoors Israel misplaced, and rejoiced in it. Led by their “holy” captain, they went about to murder and plunder. Hiding themselves in caves and mountain fastnesses, they became a terror to people laboring in the fields or traveling from place to position. These freebooters, naturally enough, preferred going with David to staying at residence to be sued for unpaid bills. So “each one that was in debt” joined the robber band. The thoroughness with which David and his marauders did their work received for them the favor of Jehovah.

“Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord,” is the word of inspiration. By evaluating these two pronouncements, only a really slight resemblance could be discovered between them. In both documents, God is jealous, and the feast of Sabbaths and weeks is ordered to be scrupulously noticed. There just isn’t a single commandment in the second deliverance which could be described as ethical in its import. It is a “moral regulation” without the remotest suggestion of morality in it.

The Catholic bible accommodates nearly a dozen extra “inspired” books than the Protestant bible, and most of the texts within the books that are common to both are in one other way translated. Now, what is a layman to do when infallible churches disagree? We are commanded by the bible to pay attention to the church, but which church?

Like many an oriental fakir, he is covered with sores, which by their stench entice the hungry dogs to his particular person. There he sits all day long—a menace to the general public well being, and an object of disgust. When this beggar dies, he’s carried by angels straight to Abraham’s bosom; It is, after all, a pity he had to stay on earth so lengthy before entering Paradise. We would possibly as well ask what the prodigal son had carried out to deserve the “fatted calf,” or the “eleventh-hour laborer” to deserve a full day’s wages. To pay the person who has labored only for one hour as a lot as the man who has worked all day long, is to rob the latter of his dues.