October 27, 2021

latest ghana music

Ghana is one of the most famous as well as important latest ghana music countries in Africa. Located on the West coast of Africa; Ghana is home to many enchanting landscapes, thriving nightlife, pleasant climate and friendly locals. This vibrant country is famous for its captivating sights, resplendent festivals and cultural uniqueness – which make it an ultimate tourist’s attraction. Despite the fact that the country is located in one of the most chaotic regions, it is known as “island of peace” due to its prosperous living standards. Its neighboring countries are la Cote d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso, the Gulf of Guinea to the south and Togo, to the east.

Cities of Ghana:

Ghana has many beautiful cities which includes; Kumasi, Accra, Tamale and Tema. The capital city and the largest city of Ghana is Accra -which is an economic center. Kumasi is known as “The Garden City” due to its lush flora and fauna and is the second largest city of Ghana. The city of Tamale is the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana and has many scenic views and grassland where one can have best nature experience. Tema is one of the famous cities in Ghana as well as the largest sea port in the region.

Regions and popular locations:

Ghana is divided into several regions which are; Central Region, Eastern Region, Northern Ghana, Volta Region and Western Region. Each region is composed of fascinating sights but Volta Region is mostly visited by both visitors and locals. One can enjoy a lot in Ghana as it offers many recreational activities and attractions. Places like Akosmobo & Volta Lake, National Museum and Lake Bosomtwi are some of the most famous attractions in the country.

There are many castles and forts, which reflect the ancient human civilizations. One can find many stunning beaches in the country, beaches like Labadi Pleasure Beach, Kokrobite, Ada Beach, Cocoloco Beach and Alaska Beach are highly visited by tourists and locals alike. These secluded beaches enable one to spend his time in pleasure and relaxation. Activities like yachting, skiing and fishing are highly preferred activities. Ghana homes a very lovely yet strong waterfalls known as Boti. It is a charming waterfall located in Notrh-East of Koforidua.

Nightlife and music scene:

One can have a great nightlife experience in Ghana due to its fantastic clubs and splendid vivacious events. Discos and clubs like Aphrodisiac Night club, Bass Line Jazz, Barcadis Nite Club, Bliss Night Club, Boomerang Night Club, Indigo Night Club and Oops are amongst famous clubs in the country. Each club is incredible and plays music of all genres including hip hop, pop and techno.

Friendly Locals:

Ghana has a very pleasant environment with the combination of friendly locals. Ghanaians are very humble and settled people and they come from six main ethnic groups, which include The Akan, the Ewe and Gurma. Their cultures and traditions are unique and impressive. Whether one is adventurous or music lover – Ghana openly welcomes all.

Ghana and Vietnam have been instanced before as neck-and-neck in the race for economic development. Both countries are in the World Bank’s lower middle-income group and for several years past they have recorded very similar GNI per capita data. In 2014, however, Vietnam appears to have pulled a little ahead, being in 144th position in the world rankings on $1890, compared to Ghana in 150th position on $1620. They are very different countries in many respects, but one of the first characteristics observed by travellers is the nature of taxi drivers and the quality of service they provide.

All taxis in Ghana are standard saloon cars with yellow-painted wings since a minister of transport in the first government of Kwame Nkrumah enacted the law and his wife imported a large consignment of the appropriate paint. In Vietnam, taxis are standard saloon cars painted in the livery of numerous companies, but as in Ghana, many do not sport an illuminated taxi sign on the roof, which can be confusing to the hailer, especially at night.

Ghanaians are highly gregarious and this is reflected in the behaviour of taxi drivers. Not only do they enjoy talking to their passengers, in English and in local dialects, but they drive with open windows to hail all passing friends and acquaintances and to buy refreshments from wayside vendors. It is normal practice to try to run with a full taxi by picking up all available passengers and delivering them to their various destinations in turn. If one needs the exclusive use of a taxi it must be chartered at a special rate. Standard journeys are charged at a standard rate and until recently most taxis did not use a meter.

In general, Vietnamese taxi drivers cannot communicate with foreign passengers and remain silent throughout the journey apart from frequent calls on their mobile telephones. Even with Vietnamese passengers they often say very little. They drive with closed windows and air-conditioning and all taxis carry a meter in easy view of the passenger. Drivers in both countries like to play music as they drive, and one suspects that in the past the music would have been very different. However, today, the same popular music is played everywhere in the world.

Most taxi drivers are aggressive and drive too fast, often ignoring traffic signals and road restrictions, and this is so in Ghana and Vietnam. However, in both countries, taxis are severely restrained by traffic conditions. In Ghana the roads are jammed by four-wheeled vehicles of all types and size but in Vietnam the taxis plough through a sea of small motorcycles. The traffic is different but the effect is often the same: total gridlock. So it is not surprising that taxi drivers get frustrated, and it is pleasing to report that in both countries there is a minority of careful drivers who can negotiate the chaos without putting undue stress on their passenger’s heart.

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