November 29, 2022

What You Need To Know About The New Year In Italy: 8 New Year’s Traditions Italian-American Citizenship Assistance Program

Here I give you valuable tips for the lagoon city on the Adriatic Sea. Venice on New Year’s Day is the perfect place to have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve memory. This treno rosso del bernina is especially true for hotels, holiday apartments and New Year’s Eve dinners. At the end of 2022, New Year’s Eve will fall on Saturday and Sunday, i.e. a weekend.

These three figures are led by an angel with a trumpet and greet the Virgin Mary with her baby Jesus. Here is a brief description of which of the most famous places is open on the days of new year. Otherwise, classic pasta varieties such as spaghetti vongole or spaghetti carbonara are also sufficient. Traditional lentils with sausage can also be purchased in advance as a prepared meal.

Rimini transforms into a popular outdoor nightclub for various DJ sets, offering extreme fun and excitement to tourists. People can spend New Year’s Eve 2023 with maximum fun, captivating coastal panoramas, special music and scenic spots in Alghero. Alghero is the predominant city in the city of Sardinia, surrounded by ancient walls.

Turin is another popular destination city popularly known for its beauty. People can participate in special events and spend gala time in the evenings with friends and family. Explore Turin’s most beautiful city, made up of remarkable monuments.

This tradition is believed to help bring happiness, keep evil spirits away, and bring good luck. Italians who stick to traditions will certainly eat lentils when the new year begins to bring good luck, well-being and good luck in the coming year. Sausages are cut into coins and eaten because they represent abundance and wealth. New Year celebrations are characterized by great meals with a wide range of Italian dishes, snacks, treats and tasty wines. Fireworks shows are a must, whether you see them at a public screening or make your own fireworks at home.

Lentils, which are shaped like coins, are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Most holidays in Italy seem to naturally revolve around food and the New Year is no exception. At New Year’s Eve in Italy, it is traditional to sit down for a big meal, dinner, if you will. If you’re planning to eat out, expect an expensive set menu and lots of upbeat atmosphere. But regardless of whether you’re eating out or eating out, there will probably be lentils on the menu somewhere.

A musical concert is held on the square in front of the Quirinal, near Via Nazionale. We found it interesting that the British House and Garden magazine calls an Italian cocktail the drink for the summer. Your quick and easy-to-follow guide to making an Aperol Spritz lets you grab a light, sweet drink made from a few ingredients.